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Address:Industrial Park Donggang Town , Wuxi,China
Tel:86-510-88353857  /  88353013
Contact: Miss Lee
Zip Code:214199
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We Ship Household products to Wal-Mart,Carrefour
Wuxi XinJia Commodity Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer engaged in the R&D of exterior design , manufacture and export of Home products and Household airticles including mops,car cleaning ,cleaning brushes,dusters and pens ,with well-equipped testing facilities and stong technical force,we also have more then 20sets of 1000-to 3000-gram Plastic Injection Machines in our factory .our factory has been founded since in 2004

Trusted by Many Buyers
Our company manufactures competitive, high-quality and popular products with high efficiency. Oriented to international markets, our products are sold to the US, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, South America, Australia and other countries and regions. We have also established a strong network with well-known brands and clients in global business cooperation.

Meeting International Standards
Most of our products have approvals for international standards such as CE ROHS REACH and more. We sincerely invite your esteemed company to contact our sales team to know more about us and our products. We welcome OEM and ODM. Contact us today.

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Address:Xishan District of Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China Town, East Port Industrial Park, Jianhua Village  E-mail:grace@wuxixinjia.com.cn       锡山区非公企业党建之窗